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College Football 24 Game Update with Brandon Marcello of 247Sports

WE HAVE NEWS! Brandon Marcello from 247Sports has been reporting on the new college football game and published a new piece on what he knows. Arky breaks it down with Brandon as well as finding even more nuggets from Marcello's reporting. This is the very latest update on the game and it's a very fascinating look at the game developing.

Paul Finebaum Says FOX/ESPN Deals Could Kill NCAA Game

 Who better to talk about the College Football game than someone that has his finger on the pulse of the most fans on a daily basis? No one. That's why Paul Finebaum is a natural selection for Arky and Demetri to talk to about the importance of the game to the sport, to the fans and of course, Arky asks Paul if he has been contacted to be in the game. NEWSWORTHY!
NCAA 14 Dynasty Mode

Georgia State @ North Carolina State

It's Year One for Arky Shea's final run at Dynasty Mode in NCAA '14. He is beginning as the offensive coordinator of the Georgia State Panthers. Game one is on the road at North Carolina State.
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